The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled


We firmly believe in a holistic, balanced and well rounded approach to education. We believe that education is more than simply passing exams. It is about the pursuit of knowledge, learning for life, giving children the desire to explore and enquire for themselves.

We are totally focused on ensuring that each child fulfils their academic potential, whatever their ability. We believe that smaller class sizes are a huge help in every child’s education and enable teachers to give a far greater amount of focus and attention to each individual. This is true inside the classroom and also outside, as a low teacher pupil ratio means that our teachers are able to really know and understand each child and this enables us to give full and excellent pastoral care. With this is mind our class sizes are typically about 12 and we aim to limit them to 16, smaller than most prep schools can offer, whilst we have a pupil teacher ratio of 1:5.Our pupils' efforts and output are continuously monitored, assessed and discussed to ensure no one struggles, is left behind or allowed to coast!

From the Montessori beginnings to sitting entrance exams, Common Entrance and scholarships in year eight, our broad ranging curriculum encourages every child to achieve their personal best and to achieve entry to the senior school of their choice. We pride ourselves on the support and advice we offer our parents and children when choosing their senior school, and on our track record of gaining entry to the top public schools in the country.

Kate di Costanzo, Assistant Head Academic


Excellent attitudes to their work also contribute to pupils' academic achievement, as do their exemplary behaviour and their excellent relationships with each other and their teachers

ISI Report