“High quality design and technology education makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and wellbeing of the nation.” National curriculum

At the Elms, Design and Technology is an inspiring, creative and practical subject. We encourage the children to use their imagination to design and make products and systems that respond to real problems, based on their own and others’ needs and values. In our DT workshop, they learn to use traditional and modern tools and technologies ranging from use of hand tools to computer aided design, so giving them an insight into the challenges involved in designing aesthetically pleasing and functional objects. They learn to think creatively and take risks as individuals and as members of a team to produce high quality practical results.


Current projects include for Year 3 the design and making of a textile hand puppet and for Year 4 an electronic dark-sensing night light. Year 5 children are designing a wooden storage box which a decorative cast pewter detailed lid. Year 6 children are making a mechanical wooden toy train. Year 7 pupils are engaged in making an electronic stereo amplifier and a case using resistant materials. Year 8 children are using computer-aided design to manufacture an electronic travel game in metal and plastic. 

Paul Williams, Head of Design Technology