Children from The Elms progress to many of the leading Public Schools throughout the country. In accordance with parental wishes and where a child's personality and strengths are best suited. We are proud to report that almost 50% of our children achieve scholarships and awards, with 100% passing Common Entrance.



Bloxham *Cheltenham Ladies
*Cheltenham College *Cheltenham College
Christ College Brecon *Dean Close
Eton Heathfield School
Gordonstoun *Hereford Cathedral School
*Harrow *Kings' Gloucester
*Malvern College *Malvern College
Marlborough *Malvern St James
Millfield Marlborough
*Monmouth *Moreton Hall
Oundle Oundle
*Radley *Rugby
*Repton St Mary's Calne
*Rugby *Shrewsbury
*Shrewsbury *Stonar
Stowe Stowe
  *Tudor Hall
  *Wellington College

Scholarships have been gained to schools indicated by *