During the Autumn and Lent terms a programme of evening clubs is provided for all boarders, with many day pupils also choosing attend. The aim is to provide a varied range of activities each night that gives the children the opportunity to try something new or to continue with an existing interest. At the heart of this is the children’s enjoyment and we ensure that the children are able to spend their free time doing something that they love.   The programme changes and develops each term to ensure some variety, but keeping ever popular stalwarts, such as Dodgeball, Handball and Leavers’ Cooking!


Throughout the year we also offer a series of evening talks which are open to all children and parents. They offer the children a chance to hear from experts, adventurers and scientists about a wide variety of topics and issues. Some are intended to inform and broaden horizons, whilst others seek to inspire and amaze. These talks have included Everest and Polar explorers, former chart topping musicians, charity leaders and sportsmen.