Schedule of Fees - Academic Year September 2017

Main School
Day Boarding

£7,885 per term
£6,620 per term
£30 first term only
Pre-Prep and Transition
Transition (Year 3)
Year 2
Year 1

£4,340 per term
£3,570 per term
£3,210 per term
5 full days/week
3 full days/week
Additional Mornings
Additional Afternoons

£2,970 per term
£2,205 per term
£240 per morning/per term
£185 per afternoon/per term
5 full days/week
6 sessions/week
Additional Sessions

£2,590 per term
£2,035 per term
£185 per session

Every child in the Main School is allocated a bed.   Day Boarders can board for the night for a fee of £35. The Day Boarding fee includes one free Boarding Night per week (Mon-Thurs) in Year 4.  All Day Boarders are entitled to one free Boarding Weekend (Saturday/Sunday nights) per term.    Overnight boarding fees are capped at the full boarding fee regardless of the number of nights taken.

Parents with two or more children and not entitled to any other assistance will be eligible for a sibling discount.  A 5% allowance will be applied to the second child and any subsequent children whilst all the children are at the school. Forces parents are required to pay a minimum of 10% of the school fee in order to qualify for CEA allowance.

Assistance with fees is available from both the original Foundation and the Chamberlayne Award for eligible candidates. Please contact the Headmaster for further details.

The School does not provide remission of fees for absence through illness and recommends that Parents participate in the School Fees Remission Scheme, the cost of which is charged automatically unless Parents decline.