The need to understand our beautiful and complex planet and the effect of human activities on it is increasingly urgent. This is the context for the geography syllabus. From rivers to coasts, from mountains to underground earthquakes and the explosive world of natural disasters there is something for every child to engage with and embrace.

The  children learn many useful skills including map reading, mastering geographical drawings, and learning how to read and predict the weather. A host of projects and field studies take the children to the ‘outdoor classroom’. One project centres on the stream flowing through our grounds; another involves work with weather instruments. We also visit sites further afield including Birmingham airport and a water treatment plant.  Children in Year 8 head up to the Malvern Hills to conduct their fieldwork projects for Common Entrance.

Our approach to teaching geography helps children leave The Elms as young people vividly aware of the world around them and their place within it; and able to challenge us in relation to our responsibility to conserve it as a home for them and their children. 


Justin Wakelin, Head of Geography