Mathematics is a fundamental part of life. It is a language in which an increasing part of the world’s communication takes place, and in which an increasing range of issues confronting us are expressed and resolved. It is very important that each child feels comfortable when dealing with numbers, shape, data and algebra irrespective of his or her level of ability, and confident in using maths to tackle everyday life.

We teach to challenge and enrich those to whom maths comes naturally, and to support those for whom it is trickier. We monitor progression and enjoyment closely across the school.

It is increasingly the case that young people at senior schools look to take Maths A Level as they realise the range of studies, occupations and tasks for which a facility with maths is desirable, if not essential - whether it be calibrating sprayers on a fruit farm, calculating doses as a medic, the use of statistics in geography, the logic structures used in coding or the game theories which are used to model human behaviour in the field of psychology. 

To challenge and stretch our pupils, particularly in analytical and problem solving aspects, from Year 5 we enter children into external Maths competitions. These may take the form of UK Mathematics Trust challenges, trips to other schools, or pitting their skills in a worldwide competition to celebrate World Maths Day. In this way, our children have the opportunity to be challenged and tested in different ways and at the same time to see themselves as part of a broader community of mathematicians.


Brian Levings, Head of Maths