P.S.H.E. is taught at The Elms from Foundation Stage to Year 8. We aim to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life through to adulthood. Citizenship is included in P.S.H.E. lessons for those children in Years 7 and 8. 

Historically, the school's Christian ethos has formed a sound basis for teaching pupils about their own behaviour, relationships with others and being a member of a community. The P.S.H.E. curriculum augments these aspects of school life to help pupils understand themselves and their emotions, make the most of their talents, keep themselves healthy, understand the society in which they live and to become increasingly valuable members of their community.

Opportunities to learn about P.S.H.E. and Citizenship abound, not just in timetabled lessons but also through moral and spiritual learning in Religious Studies lessons, Chapel services, Assemblies, school house meetings, the School Council and in the boarding house.

Jan Bain, Head of P.S.H.E.