We understand the importance of developing a child’s sense of self-efficiency and we value their thoughts and opinion, which we hear in a range of formal ways, as well as through informal discussions between individuals;

  • School Council – each form elects a representative who attends council meetings throughout the year and feeds back information to their class, as well as canvassing opinion on a range of topics. Over the past few years this has led to improvements and development, including new clubs, new match kit and the creation of two brand new pupil common rooms!
  • Boarders’ Council – all full boarders take part in regular weekend meetings with the boarding team and Headmaster to discuss the needs and desires of the boarders.
  • Prefects – the prefects, appointed at the start of and throughout their final year, meet weekly with the Headmaster to raise any particular thoughts, ideas or issues that they see around the school.  They are additional sets of eyes and ears who always have a fantastic grasp of what is happening around school and understand the needs of their fellows.