Religious Studies is concerned with the deep meaning which individuals and groups seek in their experiences and in the world around them, and how this search helps them find sense and purpose in their lives.

We cover all the main world religions, with an emphasis on Christianity. Through knowledge and an understanding of each, we seek to foster in the children respect towards people with beliefs and views different to their own.

We want our children to enjoy the subject and come away with a clearer understanding of their own beliefs and those of others through empathy and developing their analytical and evaluative skills. In class we encourage this through questioning and debate, role-play and re-creating the experience of different religious traditions (e.g. mock weddings, Passover meals). We enhance the curriculum with visits to places of worship for a variety of faiths and by inviting speakers (who have included a Buddhist monk) to the school and through the school’s chapel programme. 


Adam Sergeant, Head of Religious Studies