The study of science, of living things, materials and physical processes, is a window into the world around us. Science engages children in developing ideas, experimental skills and analytical thinking. It is the preparation for an increasingly sought-after pathway to science-based study in higher education and the working life beyond.

From Year 4, subject specialists teach all aspects of science together. In Years 7 and 8 we teach biology, chemistry and physics as separate subjects. Our task is to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment of science. We have two fully-equipped, modern laboratories, and we make use of our extensive grounds as an outdoors laboratory.

We encourage where possible, a very-hands on approach to Science, whether that be through practicals ranging from distillation and neutralisation in the laboratory to the more eagerly anticipated ecological studies using our extensive grounds here at The Elms. Our children are invited to different Science days where they are able to experience the subject taught through different mediums and in a varying manner. We also try to bring the subject to life for the children through inspirational speakers, most recently enjoying a talk by Patrick and Sue Cunningham who shared their experiences of travelling the Amazon River. Children who have left report that their experience of science at The Elms has enabled them to make the transition to biology, physics and chemistry at senior school with confidence.



Julie Richards, Head of Science