..it is only at the end of the process that it is possible to look back and ask whether you have got the decision right.  I can honestly say that what you have done for my daughter as a school has been outstanding.  Absolutely outstanding.  What has been returned to me at the end of the process is a daughter who is confident, articulate, sports mad, has an appetite for learning and is above all happy with herself and with others.  I couldn’t have made a better choice and want to thank you all as a staff group for looking after her so well.

What I have learnt myself is that it is not about the website or the brochure, and the buildings are only a façade.  What really matters is whether the school has spirit and character and whether it has substance and can blow life into the children. The Elms shoots the lights out on this basis… (Parent of Year 8 Leaver)


As a parent of a visiting cricket team, I feel compelled to write a short note after the match on Saturday.

Firstly, may I complement you and the ground staff on having the most immaculate and beautiful school. I was absolutely taken a back and it was rather love at first sight.

Secondly, I would very much like to say congratulations to the home team. Impeccable sportsmanship, manners and an all round competitive yet friendly spirit. Exactly how sport should be enjoyed and the boys should be very proud of the manner in which they conduct themselves.

Finally, but by no means least, a huge thank-you for the most delicious half-time tea, absolutely marvellous!

Having three children of varying ages and as someone who tries to get to as many away matches as possible during the sporting year, you have stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

Many thanks once again for your hospitality and a lovely afternoon. (Visiting Parent)


I thought I would let you know that my son has decided to enlist as a full boarder this term. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and indeed all the staff at school who have contributed over the years to making this happen. You have taken a child who was incredibly anxious about sleepovers and boarding and allowed him to develop in his own time into a confident young man who is really happy to spend time away from home. Whilst I feel a sense of sadness at the loss from home, it is counterbalanced by seeing him confident in himself and happy to demonstrate a sense of independence. And as parents this is what we set out to provide for our children on the long journey of teenage years and adolescence. He's had an amazing foundation to get him going.  Thank you. (Parent of current Year 7 pupil)


My daughter joined from another school this academic year and the entire community of The Elms has been amazing: from her classroom teacher, to the matron and gappies, the Headmaster or chef and dinner ladies - all played their part in ensuring my daughter loves school and has a sense of contented confidence within herself. She has been unconditionally accepted and nurtured and is blossoming in the environment. (Parent of new pupil)


Many thanks for your support and continued review of this matter.  You (and the school as a whole) have acted perfectly to help resolve a matter which was causing us great concern.  The support network the school has in place has proved itself to be effective in our case.  We have valued your understanding and concern to the situation and your desire and expertise in finding a resolution.  (Anon)

“It was wonderful to see so many happy, bright and engaging children today; they are a credit to the school.  Every single child that I spoke to was passionate in their own way and positive about their experiences at the school.  I was particularly impressed with Hamish, who explained how his love for art and drama had been fostered at The Elms.

The facilities at the school are indeed impressive.  The excellent sports facilities to cater with all the energy and talents of growing children and the quite simply delightful farm really stood out.  My wife was of course taken with the stables, its gorgeous ponies and the happy horsey girls that swarm around them.  However, most noteworthy during our visit were the ethos and values.  Your goal of laying the foundation for future satisfaction and success through opportunity, a culture of effort and positive failure; where people are not afraid to try new things, and each strives to achieve all they can, has left a lasting impression.”  (Prospective Parent – January 2018)