Below are a list of past speakers who have visited the school in recent years:-

Vittoria Panizzon - Olympic Eventing

Leon McCarron – Iran 

Victoria Humphries – North Pole 

Justin Major (Malvern College) – Arctic Expedition 

Sue Cunningham – The Amazon Rainforest 

Mike Hurst – Musicmakers 

Hugo Chittenden – Volunteering 

Jane Walker – PCF 

Steve Cunningham – Blind Vision 

Philip Vaughan-Smith – Monmouth Quiz 

Giles Bell (Shrewsbury) – History of Football 

Ben Roberts – Sailing Race 

Nick Nelson – Greeks vs Romans 

Rod Baber – Everest 

Chris Lloyd – History of everything and a History of Shakespeare 

Sue Hampton – Author Workshops 

Mike Merrifield – Astronomy 

James Harrison (Monmouth) - Horrible Histories 

Wiser Words – Mission X and Crime Squad 

Nick Gough – Tuk Tuk Travels 

Luke Barlett (Uppingham) –Science of Water 

Mad Science – Flashes and Bangs 

John Ngugi - Olympic 5000m Gold Medallist

Malvern Charity Concert 

Leon McCarron - Walking China 

Jonny Hammond Chambers (Oundle) – Iceland 

Help for Heroes 

Zac Purchase - Olympic Rowing Gold Medallist

Will Odell (Repton) – Remembrance 

Shrewsbury Boys – Expeditions at Shrewsbury 

Malvern Pupils – Debating 

Chris Southwell – Snowboarding