Why The Elms?

At The Elms we focus on:

Developing Full Potential. The children develop to their full potential academically and emotionally from whatever their starting point through deep pastoral care, unique relationships with outstanding staff and through the safe environment that underpins all that is offered at The Elms.

Academic & Cultural Success. Last year we continued our unrivalled success rate of achieving 100% of our leavers passing common entrance and reaching their chosen senior school. 62% of the same group were awarded scholarships to some of the top senior schools.

Preparing for Destination Schools. Read the feedback from some of our destination schools which reflects how well prepared our children are to enjoy the next step in their education from the outset.

Happiness and Fulfilment. Achieving self-confidence in class and on the stage nurtures a child’s character and independence. This is delivered inherently though the traditional values and ethos which are a cornerstone of The Elms’ philosophy.

Friendships & Kindness. Fostering friendships and memories for life, not just for the children and the alumni, but also the parents, grandparents and families is something that we are really proud of.

Equine & Farming. As a registered pony club centre, all children can learn to ride no matter what their ability. Our instructors nurture novices and develop experienced riders for success at competition level. Children have access to our on-site farm where they benefit from an outdoor education, from cultivating plants to rearing livestock.

Sporting Success. With outstanding facilities, our expert coaching staff encourage each child to fulfil his or her potential and achieve impressive results. With a huge passion from all involved, there’s a choice of sport for everyone to enjoy at The Elms.

What makes The Elms special?

A truly inspirational setting and start to life

We have a genuine investment in childhood where the wellbeing of the children is central to everything we do. We celebrate their diversity and provide a truly inspirational start in life. Due to the size and nature of the school we enjoy the extended family feeling and the small class sizes allow us to provide a tailored experience for every child.

Our children are encouraged to aim to be the best they can be and to test themselves. The ‘can do’ attitude, willingness to have a go and to embrace failure as an essential element for growth is inbuilt in our pupils. We encourage each other and revel in each other’s joy.  We are a rural school, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that we are anything less than aspirational, driven and competitive. Our children are fiercely proud and loyal, be it on the stage, sports field or in the classroom. Our school farm and equine centre help to ensure our children are grounded and rounded. Whilst we deliver a personalised journey, the children understand that they are key players in the community and that each of us has our part to play.

The Elms is a very special place

There is a happiness and genuine passion for learning that radiates from our pupils. As you walk through the gates, the strong sense of community is palpable and the rapport between the staff and pupils is widely evident.

The Elms is no ordinary school and the education we provide is unique. Please visit our ‘Only at The Elms’ page for more information.

The Elms is a truly wonderful prep school and we welcome you to come for a visit. In the meantime you can watch this video to gain an understanding of the type of education we provide.

The Elms provides a truly inspirational start in life.

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Alumni Community

We aim to develop and foster a lifelong relationship between the School and its past pupils and staff.

Past Pupil

“I loved being a pupil at The Elms! It is the best school I could have hoped to attend. It set me up for life, got me a scholarship to my chosen senior school and I made friends with people who I am still in touch with now.”