The Elms is a very special place

The Elms provides a truly inspirational start in life.

Our children are encouraged to aim to be the best they can be and to test themselves. Elms pupils are renowned for their ‘can do’ attitude, their eagerness to have a go,  and their willingness embrace failure as an essential mindset for growth.  We encourage each other and revel in each other’s joy. There is a happiness and enthusiastic curiosity that radiates from our pupils.

The Elms is a rural idyll, set in 40 glorious acres of Herefordshire countryside. We are a warm, friendly and happy community, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that we are anything less than aspirational, driven and competitive. Our children are busy, engaged and determined, be it on the stage, the sports field, the school farm or in the classroom.  Despite being none selective, over 50% of our pupils go on to top senior schools with a scholarship or award.

The Elms is no ordinary school and the education we provide is unique. You can find out more about our uniqueness on our ‘Only at The Elms’ page.

This is a truly wonderful prep school and we welcome you to come for a visit to see for yourselves what we can offer for your child. In the meantime, our video will give you a glimpse of our school and its ethos.

“A children’s paradise – like something out of Enid Blyton”  a delighted parent