‘Childcare with a difference – Inspiring your children to DREAM’

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A Holiday Club with a Difference…

I’m Claire – I’m a mummy of 3 babies, but I’m also a trained primary school teacher with a desire to make some changes in the world.

For years my passion in life has been filling children with confidence so they feel able and ready to launch themselves into this crazy world, and that is what brought me into teaching and what led me to set up CONFI-KIDS.

I want to take a holistic approach to development and education and want us to be able to see individuality and magic in children and show them how to believe in their own magic too! I wanted to create a warm and nurturing environment where you feel happy to leave your children in the holidays and somewhere that your children will not want to leave!

What makes Confi-Kids Special?

Unique – we will not count your child as just another body. We will take time to get to know your babies – learn what makes them smile, what gets them fired up and inspires them and we will ENSURE that they feel happy, confident and content at our holiday club.

Caring – I am a mummy myself, and all too aware of the guilt that comes with having to leave your child in the care of someone else. Our aim is to make that process as painless as possible for everyone by creating a club that has flexible pick up and drop off times to fit around your work/plans for the day but to also create a club that your child begs to go to and doesn’t want to leave. I’d like you to think of us as a home from home.

Inspiring – Being a teacher as well as a mummy, the focus on each individual child is SO important to me. We will adapt activities to suit your child where needed and everything throughout the day will be geared around boosting confidence and nurturing the magic within the children – encouraging them to believe in that magic.

Fun – Our activity programmes are diverse, entertaining, creative, exciting and educational! On most days your child will come home with a creation or a story to tell. Our excellent staff run most days but we intersperse this with visiting experts to teach and inspire our Confi-kids.

Holistic – Confidence and passion comes with good boundaries, good nutrition, adequate rest and appropriate role models and inspiration; and at Confi-kids we like to think we can offer all of the above. We provide healthy, nutritious snacks during the morning and afternoon sessions and if you’re staying with us past 5pm we will all enjoy a home cooked meal together (these options will not be available during Covid-19 restrictions). From 2020 we are also introducing a 10 minute fun, yoga style session before activities start each morning and a 10 minute reflection and gratitude time at the end of each afternoon.

Our Activities

At Confi-Kids we believe in a holistic approach to Childcare and our activities reflect this. We have a mix of busy active activities interspersed with chill out and calm work. Our activities are structured to each age group and each individual child – we want your child to feel super confident and proud of what they’ve achieved after every session they spend with us.

How we’re adapting to COVID-19 challenges…

Whilst we are very aware that the guidelines are changing frequently – we are basing our planning and provision on current guidelines (as at May 24th) and will continue to reassess the situation and our provision as new information and guidance arises.

We are taking provisional bookings, however, we will not be taking any payment until 7-10 days before the first day of club when we have a greater understanding of the current situation.

As it currently stands we will be implementing the following procedures:

We are very aware these guidelines may seem extreme and somewhat frightening – our aim is to keep your children, you and our staff as safe as possible. However – we want to role this out in a positive light and rather than it being scary for our little people we’d like to re-frame it as ‘new, exciting, better measures to keep us all safe.’

Drop off and Pick Up

·         If numbers require, we will stagger drop off and pick up times, and we ask that only 1 adult enters the venue.

·         There will be a one way system of drop off and pick up to ensure minimal contact.

·         We will ask that anybody coming into the venue washes their hands before entering – there will be facilities set up for this.

·         We will be taking the temperature of the children (and staff) before they enter club. If anyone has a temperature of over 37.8 they will be asked to return home. These temperatures will be recorded daily.

·         We ask that children bring enough food into club to provide snacks as well as lunch and a good size drink bottle. We will not be providing any food this summer, we will of course fill up drink bottles as often as necessary.

·         We also ask that no toys or other items from home are brought into club other than the essentials needed for the day!

Throughout the day

·         We will be working with the children to teach them hand washing songs and hands will be washed at various intervals during the day.

·         The venue and equipment will be cleaned throughout the day.

·         Children will be grouped into ‘bubbles’ of between 8 & 15 children.  Each group will have 1 or 2 allocated staff members.

·         Groups will be kept separate as much as possible.

·         We will do as many of our activities as we can outside – we hope to picnic outside for lunch and will make the most of the beautiful grounds we have at both settings.

As we get nearer to club opening I will be back in contact to let you know definite procedures for the time you are at club.