We have Day, Flexi and Full Boarders, which allows each child to ease into boarding at their own pace. It can also provide a safety net for emergencies or convenience for spontaneous weekend plans.

With our “one child, one bed” policy (for all children from Year 4 up), each child receives the same level of care regardless of the boarding routine they choose. Boarding is at the heart of The Elms and is fundamental to the distinct family feel of the school. Our round-the-clock support ensures that the children’s needs are met with the utmost care. We attempt to create an atmosphere similar to that of home, where the children are encouraged to work and play hard. The children are expected to complete academic work and then the focus shifts to a time of relaxation and for them to unwind as they would at home. The activities offered allow the children to follow different avenues of interest and access to the grounds and facilities gives them space to explore outdoor hobbies.

I am far away from home, but The Elms has become my new home where I feel part of a big friendly family.

When I leave I will miss The Elms because it’s a small school and everyone knows each other.


A Sample Day for the Main School

08.30Assembly or Chapel
08.40 - 09.20Lesson 1
09.23 - 10.03Lesson 2
10.06 - 10.46Lesson 3
10.46 - 11.06Break (4)
11.06 - 11.46Lesson 5
11.49 - 12.29Lesson 6
12.30 - 13.20Lunch (7)
13.25 - 14.05Lesson 8 or Games
14.15 - 14.55Lesson 9 or Games
14.55 - 15.10Little Tea (10)
15.10 - 15.10Lesson 11
15.50 - 16.30Lesson 12
16.40 - 17.40Clubs
17.40 - 18.20Supper