Our vision for an exciting, confident future

The Elms School staff are dedicated in preparing the young people that come through the school gates for the next steps in their education. In recent years, education has changed and this is reflected in our new offering from September 2021.

We are not the first school to adopt this approach, but these new initiatives are right for our pupils to give them the best start on their educational journey in a world that is changing at such a fast pace.

“65% of children in primary schools today will work in jobs that don’t exist yet.”

World Economic Forum

“Over the last nine months the Headmaster and his team have worked tirelessly, researching and developing an exciting new approach for Elms children. It has been fascinating to see the endorsements of leading schools from across the country and to hear the response of Heads who want to welcome excited, happy and confident learners. They were delighted to hear that we remain a small independent Prep School with all the wonderful quirks and idiosyncrasies that lead to The Elms children being outstanding when they arrive in Year Nine.

As an ex-Elms parent and the father of three boys nearing the end of their education, I know that the style of education the Headmaster is introducing is what children need to be able to fully explore and make the most of their potential at senior schools.”

Simon Townsend, Chair of Governors

The school is excited to add to what we already do in an incredibly exciting and forward-thinking way. It will all be delivered by our committed, enthusiastic and professional staff, whilst making the most of our beautiful surroundings and our outstanding facilities.

As we look towards the future educational path for our children, we see that the traditional methods of solitary rote learning are becoming outmoded. More meaningful learning through problem-solving and research, within an interdisciplinary approach, will allow us to deliver our Humanities in greater depth and meaning. The exciting new STEAM programme, on Saturday mornings, embraces the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths in a fresh and integrated way. The practical-based approach will embrace teaching skills and subjects in a way that resembles real life. It will encourage children to take thoughtful risks and try out their ideas and adapt to overcome challenges.

“The best children’s education encourages free-range learning.  Great Prep and Senior Schools are inventive in delivering a curriculum that challenges and urges the young to forage far and wide; to make connections between subjects; to create and invent; to develop skills of collaboration and problem-solving.  They provide breadth and depth through enriching intellective content and hands-on experiential learning.  Shrewsbury School champions whole person education.  We believe that learning is for life.  Great results come to those who are inspired, not just trained.  We are therefore  delighted to endorse the ambitious STEAM curriculum at The Elms and wish the pupils and their teachers great enjoyment in their journey together.”

Leo Winkley, Headmaster, Shrewsbury School

“I am personally delighted that we will be welcoming Elms pupils into College with a renewed sense of curiosity and skills to connect the various parts of the curriculum. As we all know, to succeed in life you need to be able to adapt to new challenges and to see connections between different disciplines.”

Nicola Huggett, Head, Cheltenham College

“The very best schools in membership of IAPS are innovators and progressive in outlook. I applaud The Elms School for their drive to keep their curriculum fresh and relevant. In a world of constant evolution the pupils need to be equipped to cope with the dynamics of change and therefore the thinking behind the proposed innovations are to be greatly applauded.”

Christopher King, CEO, IAPS

An Exciting New Day Fee

The Elms is a school that welcomes families who want a traditional boarding experience or a more contemporary day education, and everything in between. We aim to give our parents exactly what they are looking for and recognise that these needs can vary from family to family. That is why we have expanded our educational packages to add a new Day Pupil option. This will give children access to our outstanding education five days a week, without the need to stay for evening clubs or come into school on Saturday.