It is difficult to do justice to the way in which the celebration of childhood at The Elms leads to an education which ensures children are helped to grow into the young people they are destined to be, rather than fulfilling adults’ perception of what a child should be like. We don’t believe in imposing a culture upon the children but we create an environment in which they explore their potential.

Don’t make the mistake that because we sit in a beautiful rural location, or because we let the children play in trees, or because our children learn the joy of being guardians on our farm, or learn to control their anxiety as they sit on a pony for the first time, that our children are not driven, ambitious and aspirational. They are just that.

Kind children support each other and give others implicit permission to explore potential and try without fear of failure. Small classes mean the children are known as individuals and lessons are taught in ways that excite the children and leave them wanting more. By the time they are ready to leave us they are prepared to go to the school we help parents select for them. When they arrive they will be the children who are chomping at the bit.

With 53% of our children gaining scholarships to senior schools, and all children gaining entrance to their chosen schools, we are clearly doing something right. I look forward to you coming and seeing us as this is the only way to really understand The Elms.