It is a huge honour to be taking the helm at The Elms.

Each year the boys and girls achieve outstanding academic results, with many gaining scholarships, to their chosen senior independent school. While this is an important benchmark in a child’s development, an Elms’ education is so much more.

My vision and ethos for a prep school education is for the children to be kind, considerate, respectful, and to be the best versions of themselves, whether that be on stage, in the art or DT rooms, playing music, or on the sports pitches. At The Elms there are so many opportunities to engage with the outdoors, such as the school’s farm, horse riding, building camps, climbing trees, and conservation.

All this can’t be achieved without excellent pastoral care. The dedicated staff are committed to providing the very best care for the children. Being a smaller school, this is achieved through knowing all the children as individuals and understanding what makes them ‘tick’. Small class sizes, boarding, and a family ethos provides a nurturing environment in which the children flourish and blossom.

Set in 40 acres at the foot of the Malvern Hills, the location is breath-taking and an idyllic environment for the children to grow and develop their skills. The pictures on the website give you a flavour of what the school is, but I invite you to come and see it for yourself. You will be warmly welcomed!

Mr Ed Lyddon


From my very first visit to the school, I was awestruck by the exquisite grounds, the cheerful energy of the children, and the camaraderie of the staff. It is, therefore, a huge honour to be appointed to lead the school, which is steeped in history and which produces fine young boys and girls, who are well rounded and go on to be successful at a range of senior schools.

Mr Ed Lyddon

The Elms is a school like no other.

Sitting as it has done since 1614 where the western slopes of the Malvern hills descend into the beautiful county of Herefordshire, something magical happens to a child’s education as they pass through it. Nobody is quite sure whether the location of the school attracts such special staff and pupils, or whether the pupils and staff are made special by the location. But the outcomes – not just educational but in terms of personal development for the lucky children who attend – are clear: this is no ordinary school.

The Elms has a fierce pride in being the last independent prep school remaining in its immediate area. It may not be the biggest, it may not be the most shiny. But with 40 acres, containing a prize-winning farm, a fully operational equestrian team, top quality drama and music, not to mention an extraordinary breadth of sporting opportunity, each child will be safe and happy as they find their place.

Academic achievements sit at the centre of a prep school, and in this respect, The Elms is no different. But The Elms has always offered parents the chance to extend the childhood of their sons and daughters – this is not a school where children sit on iPads in their free time. Why would they? There are streams to dam, trees to climb, plays to rehearse for, clays to shoot, and animals to groom. Weekends round out this opportunity to learn and play still  further, with a focus on STEAM on Saturdays, and activities that build personalities on Sunday.

The Elms will give your children memories for ever – while also ensuring that they are prepared successfully not just for the next school of choice, but also for life beyond. Our recent ISI inspection results confirm (in slightly more formal language) that magic really does happen here. Come and find out for yourself why we are so excited about the future.

Mr James RoseChairman of Governors