The Elms is a traditional prep school, offering a fantastic all-round education that is focused on the child and to ensure each individual is nurtured to be the best that they can be. We are proud to be a slightly quirky school and we like to do things a bit differently. The phrase ‘Only at The Elms’ is often heard around the school and children and their parents fall in love with the idyllic charm of our school and the sanctity of childhood that we promote.

From pausing a cricket match to allow the horses to walk by, to an audience singing along in a concert when one performer forgot her words, everyday at The Elms is unique! Tatler Schools Guide once quoted a parent in saying that we are ‘just the best school on the planet!’ Please arrange a visit to come and see for yourself.

‘There really isn’t a happier school anywhere!’

A member of Elms' Alumni

The Elms Annual School Show

One of the unique things about The Elms is the on-site farm and equestrian facilities. Each year in September, we celebrate this side of our school with our version of a country show. All of the children are assigned an animal that they will show in various classes throughout the day and they also get to compete in the ‘Apple Olympics’ and other fun stalls. In the lead up to the show, the children have dedicated times where they can work with their animal and learn how to care for it. The children become confident in handling the animals and how to present their animals to compete for the ‘best in show’ prizes on offer.

It is a quirky afternoon that you would never experience in any other school and we are very proud of it!

Jazz and Swing Evening

Every March, we host four different senior schools and their Jazz groups at a very popular evening in our Ashby Theatre. Some of our senior pupils enjoy the high-quality performances and are inspired by the level of musicianship. Guests enjoy a feast of wine and cheese and have a brilliant time. The school sparkles on our Jazz and Swing evening!


A newer addition to our calendar is our Summer Elmsfest, celebrating our music making throughout the year and with guest appearances from some amazing professional musician and from some of our Elms’ alumni. During the morning, our pupils enjoy workshops from these professional musicians and this is then followed by an outdoor concert in our wonderful grounds, with the idyllic Malvern Hills providing a spectacular backdrop, where the whole school community gather together for a variety of musical performances.


Each morning, before breakfast, our boarders are encouraged to take a brisk stroll around the school grounds to take in some fresh air and make the most of our beautiful location. This is an important chance for the children to reflect and regroup before they start another busy day. Many of our children will also use this time to help bring the ponies in and help with the daily jobs down on the farm.

The Jungle

Our older children, and alumni who come to visit. fondly remember their playtimes in ‘the jungle’. A small, wooded area in the heart of our school site is a very popular hang-out for our younger year groups who make dens, climb trees and have a chance to let their imaginations run free. Muddy knees are extremely common at The Elms!


Each term, the school hosts their highly popular tetrathlon. Children from all over the region gather to compete in the riding, running, shooting and swimming competition. The atmosphere on-site is brilliant and the outdoor team put on a magnificent day and a great time is had by all.

If you are interested in competing in our next tetrathlon please contact

Mother's Day Tea and Grandparent's Day

There are two afternoons in the year where we like to celebrate some of the special people in our lives. The younger year groups host a Mother’s Day tea in our Ashby Theatre and mums are invited in to enjoy a delicious homemade spread and various performances. Slightly later in the term, in the summer months, the children have the opportunity to invite in their grandparents in to proudly tour them around the school, enjoy various musical and theatrical performances before enjoying a sumptuous afternoon tea.

Dogs in classrooms

In nearly every classroom in the school, there is a four-legged friend who is adored by his/hers classmates! We are lucky to have staff dogs on-site and the children enjoy walking and playing with them at breaktimes, reading to them during a quiet time in the classroom or just having a cuddle when needed. The children care for these animals and take responsibility for them. It is commonly reported that having a dog in school is extremely positive for the wellbeing and mental health for the children. We know that our dogs help support the happy, caring, family environment that we are so proud of.

Parents in Art Week

The parents at The Elms play such an important part in our community. We are very lucky to have their support in all areas of the school and our Art department have a whole week dedicated to inviting the parents in to work alongside their child on a dedicated art project. This gives the chance for the parents to experience how their child learns and what goes on in the classroom.


Our school chapel sits in the heart of the school, surrounded by classrooms and the dining room. It is a very special place where the school worships three times a week. With a dedicated memorial to those who lost their lives in war, the children are encouraged to reflect and be still in this poignant and sacred place.

“I have never felt that ‘back to school’ feeling as I love the school that I go to”

Current Year 7 Pupil