Please find the term dates listed below.

Summer Term 2024
Term Begins and boarders return to schoolTuesday 16th April8.20a.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 3rd May12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsMonday 6th May7.00p.m.
Half Term BeginsFriday 24th May12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Half Term EndsSunday 2nd June7.00p.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 14th June12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsSunday 16th June7.00p.m.
Term Ends EYPP34Friday 5th JulyAfter Prize-Giving
Term Ends Years 5-8Friday 5th JulyAfter Prize-Giving
Autumn Term 2024
Term begins and boarders return to schoolWednesday 4th September8.20a.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 27th September12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsSunday 29th September7.00p.m.
Half Term BeginsFriday 18th October12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Half Term EndsSunday 3rd November7.00p.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 22nd November12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsSunday 24th November7.00p.m.
Term EndsSaturday 14th Decemberc.12.00p.m. after the Carol Service
Spring 2025
Term begins and boarders return to schoolWednesday 8th January8.20a.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 24th January12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsSunday 26th January7.00p.m.
Half Term BeginsFriday 14th February12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Half Term EndsSunday 23rd February7.00p.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 14th March12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsSunday 16th March7.00p.m.
Term EndsFriday 28th March12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Summer Term 2025
Term begins and boarders return to schoolWednesday 23rd April8.20a.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 2nd May12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsMonday 5th May7.00p.m.
Half Term BeginsFriday 23rd May12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Half Term EndsSunday 1st June7.00p.m.
Exeat BeginsFriday 13th June12.00pm (EYPP3&4) / 12.30pm (Y5-8)
Exeat EndsSunday 15th June7.00p.m.
Term Ends EYPPFriday 4th JulyAfter Prize Giving
Term Ends Years 5-8Friday 4th JulyAfter Prize Giving

Please note these dates carefully. Except for reasons of health, permission to start the term late or to leave it early will not be given, nor will leave of absence during the term time be authorised unless the circumstances are exceptional.

From September 2023, at the beginning of term all pupils return in the morning of the first day of term – where the distance being travelled is significant please advise the boarding team of likely arrival time.
All pupils in Years 3-8 attend the Carol Service in December, and all pupils attend the Summer prize-giving for their part of the school.