There are three houses, Athenians, Spartans and Trojans, and the children are allocated a house on their arrival at The Elms. They stay in the same house throughout their time here.  Brothers and sisters will usually be in the same house.  Each house has members of staff in it and they are responsible for the running of the house.  There are termly inter-house sports fixtures and competitions (sport, swimming, poetry, music, drama, dodge ball, general knowledge and charities). The green card is the ‘unit of currency’ and the House with the most green cards at the end of term has a much-coveted treat in the following term and is awarded the House Cup.

Each house has a house flag. The house that is in the lead of the termly competition is announced during the Monday morning assembly and their flag is proudly flown throughout the week.

House Matches

Each term we hold house matches for the main sport of that term. The children wear their house colours proudly and fight it out against their peers. We also have the House Swimming, Cross-country and House Athletics where the whole school is involved and the atmosphere for each event is excellent. The children give their best for their house and the family ethos kicks in with the older children helping the younger ones to finish the event.

House Music

The school comes together during the Spring Term to compete for the House Music Cup. Each house prepares a house song that is rehearsed regularly in preparation for the event and this is supported by some solo sections from the junior and senior musicians in the school. In the lead up to the house music finals, all of the children have the chance to enter as many pieces and performances as they can as each entry is worth a house point! The finals are normally adjudicated by a Director of Music from a local senior school.

House Drama

The house drama is completely run by the pupils. Each entry from each house is directed, rehearsed and acted by the children with support from the Drama department. The whole school gather in our Ashby Theatre to watch each entry and it is then judged by a guest adjudicator.

House General Knowledge Quiz

Each house nominates a team to be put forwards for the House General Knowledge Quiz that happens towards the end of the academic year. The children are tested on a wide variety of topics in different rounds and the house with the most points at the end of the afternoon are the overall winners.

The Golden Welly

Just before the start of every exeat or half term, the house compete in the ‘Golden Welly’ competition. The houses take it in turns to challenge the other house in a fun, light-hearted activity during break time before the children go home. Some of the activities have included ‘Pumpkin Pushing’ and ‘Team Challenges’.