Our mission is to provide an inspirational environment where the children can be the best versions of themselves.

Our three core values are Endeavour, Perseverance and Compassion.

Headmaster, Ed Lyddon


We encourage every member of our community to try hard, to strive to achieve their goals and to make every effort to be the very best version of themselves in all aspects of school life: in the classroom, on the sports pitches, in performing and creative arts, and in their friendships.


We impress upon everyone the importance of not giving up, but continuing to  try and to learn from every mistake or failed attempt. Our children understand that they will  make great progress if you embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.  We want every child to enjoy the challenge of new experiences and have the courage to try again and again until they triumph.


We exhort our pupils to always be kind and thoughtful to everyone. They are urged to be generous with their time and to be supportive and helpful to their friends, their peers, and all members of the school community. We also place great importance in being kind and caring to animals.