The educational provision we offer at The Elms is focused on the individual. It is tailored to fit what each child needs and we provide a huge range of opportunities. The beauty of a small school is that the staff get to know the children as individuals.

They understand their strengths and weaknesses and what gets them motivated. This means that they can have the quiet conversations that make the difference. We keep our class sizes deliberately small, with an average of only sixteen per class and never exceeding nineteen. This allows the children build up unique relationships with staff. The staff are invested in the children and the children respond to these relationships.

Each child is known so well that their learning experience is reinforced and consistent throughout the whole school. The maths teacher will know about the music exam and the drama teacher will know about the goal scored at the weekend. Staff have weekly staff meetings and welfare meetings where children are discussed to ensure that every child achieves their potential.

Deep pastoral care underlies everything we do at The Elms and all children benefit from it whether they are a day, flexi or full boarding pupil. The rural nature of the school enables us to harness traditional community values which are rich and healthy.