Nurturing a love of learning is the ultimate goal for every parent and teacher. Being genuinely engaged with the world and seeking new knowledge is how we envisage our children on their learning journey. For some children, there are barriers to this journey that can impact on that natural inquisitiveness and start to make acquiring new knowledge a chore.

At The Elms, children benefit from a wide range of support to find their unique key to unlock their learning journey. These include small class sizes where every child is seen, heard and celebrated led by experienced and knowledgeable staff, a supportive ethos across the school, opportunities to shine on the sports field, on the stage, or even on the back of a pony and access to technology as a tool.

Throughout the year, standardised data analysis informs teaching and learning to best support each individual.   Early identification, excellent home-school communication and solution-focused planning all work together to maintain that wonderful enquiring mind of a child absorbed in their learning.  In addition, in-class support strategies ensure that every child maximises their opportunities to access learning at the first point of learning in the classroom with the class teacher.

The school is well-resourced with access to Level 5 and Level 7 qualified dyslexia specialist teaching and assessing for tailored learning in the foundations of literacy and numeracy.  Individual, multi-sensory programmes of work are designed by these experienced and specialist teachers, to address the specific needs of each pupil.  Targets are set in partnership with families and children and reviewed regularly throughout the year.

At the heart of the department is a genuine desire to see all of our pupils thrive, providing them with skills and strategies to support them throughout the school and beyond.