Year 3 and year 4 are very important, transitional years at The Elms. The children are encouraged to incorporate more independence in their learning and they are gradually introduced into the main school protocols and logistics. This gentle introduction allows the children to develop in confidence and feel more grown up and responsible for themselves. Morning break times include all the children from Years Three to Eight, allowing friendships to develop across the age groups.

In Year 3 there is an increasing emphasis on independence.  The children are very much in the care of their Form Teachers for the majority of their timetable, but they begin to have more contact with the rest of the Main School.  This could be moving to different parts of the school for music, computing, rural studies and swimming lessons with specialist subject teachers, participating in Main School events and joining in with the Main School Clubs programme, which is optional at the end of the school day.  All children in Year 3 are allocated to a House, and therefore they will contribute to all House competitions.

Year 4 is closely linked to Year 3, with their Form Teacher teaching the core subjects and moving to different parts of the school for specialist subjects. As in Year 3, they benefit from the extra-curricular Clubs Programme at the end of every day, apart from Wednesdays. Sport features highly in Year 3 and 4, with the Year 4s having the opportunity to play weekly matches against other schools. Another unique feature of Year 4 is the very popular Humphrey’s Club on a Saturday morning. This is run by the Year 4 Form Teachers and is designed as a gentle introduction to Saturday school. Year 4 enjoy the option of being able to board on a flexi or full boarding option. As part of this, the school offers Year 4 a free night of boarding – Friday night being a popular choice, with Humphrey’s Club the next day.

“My daughter has not had one day where she hasn’t wanted to go in and there hasn’t been a single car journey home where she couldn’t stop talking about what she has learned and done.”

Parent of a Year 4 child

Humphrey's Club

In a bid to provide parents and children with the best offering we can, we have established a Saturday morning activity-based club for Year 4 children, with the flexibility to do all or some of the morning, plus or minus Friday night boarding.

The morning is broken into four activity sessions:

Creative activities include art, crafting, construction toys and kits, making movies

Physical activities include swimming, yoga, den building, outdoor games, pony time, garden club

Performance activities include drama games, presentation time – speaking activities, dance, music making

Skills activities include cooking, sewing, making (for example, a bug hotel), wildlife activities like bird and tree identification walks, community helpers

We also have Forest School sessions each term, led by our accredited Forest School leader. These are hugely popular and the children enjoy learning new skills in the Forest School ground. A highlight of this is definitely the toasting (and eating!) of marshmallows!

Timings of the day for Years 3 and 4

8.30amAssembly or Chapel
8.40 - 9.20Lesson 1
9.23 - 10.03Lesson 2
10.06 - 10.36Lesson 3
10.36 - 11.06Break (4)
11.06 - 11.46Lesson 5
11.49 - 12.29Lunch (6)
12.30 - 13.05Break (7)
13.05 14.05Lesson 8
14.15 - 14.55Leson 9
14.55 - 15.10Little Tea (10)
15.10 - 15.50Lesson 11
15.50 - 16.30Lesson 12
16.40 - 17.30Clubs
17.30Home time