The Middle Prep Years

From Year 5, pupils are introduced to the system of moving to subject specialists classrooms for some lessons, and your child will take on more responsibility for being on time to lessons and getting to the right place with the correct books, equipment and kit etc.

Saturday school is optional for years 5 & 6, and pupils can opt to get involved in some of the exciting STEAM projects on offer. From Pop-up kitchens, theatrical productions, Radio Elms and Granny’s Pond there is plenty on offer to inspire a wide range of interests.

Year 6 is a key year where we see huge developments in our pupils, physically, mentally and socially. We aim to give your child the encouragement and support they need to build their toolkit to equip them to embrace increasingly complex challenges,

‘The Elms has an amazing way of extracting the best out of our children but without seemingly exerting too much pressure.’

Year 6 parent