The Senior Prep Years

Years 7 & 8 at The Elms will nurture your child’s increasing independence and self-motivation for learning, helping them to mature into confident and articulate communicators, ready to tackle topics in greater depth and embrace new adventures as they look towards senior school entry.

Every child will be guided and encouraged to be the best version of themselves, both in and outside the classroom.  Pupils who have been identified as showing particular potential in a subject area will follow a Scholarship Pathway, but all prupils will be prepared for Common Entrance or other senior school exams.

Our Year 8 pupils set the tone for the school and are key role models to our younger pupils.  Your child will be given numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills, both within their peer group and throughout the scchool.

The majority of pupils go on to senior school having achieved a scholarship, and we are immensely proud of The Elms’ reputation, among senior school leaders, for delivering well-rounded and grounded pupils, who are engaged, cheerful, and have a keen sense of adventure.

‘I have many girls in my boarding house who have benefitted from being at The Elms, and we benefit from recruiting them. My current Head of House, elected by letter, vote and interview is an Elms girl.

I love the attitude which The Elms pupils demonstrate – they have had a thoroughly enjoyable Prep School experience and have been allowed to be children. They are wonderfully polite, come with an enjoyment of school, and are ready and enthusiastic about joining in with all that is on offer.’

Houseparent, Rugby School