Candidates may enter in a maximum of two areas.

The closing date for applications is Monday 1st November 2021. Candidates will be invited to attend an assessment day on either Tuesday 16th November 2021 or Wednesday 17th November 2021.

The assessment days will include an interview with the Headmaster and the Head of Department for the area applied for. The assessment day can also link in with a taster day and boarding experience.

Scholarships can be awarded in conjunction with bursaries.

Scholarship Areas


We would expect children entering the Academic Scholarship to be exceeding national academic expectations at The Elms or their current school. The assessments will involve sitting an English and a Maths paper and a nonverbal reasoning test. We would also like you to bring to the interview a piece of work that you have done at home, on any subject, that demonstrates your own interest and enthusiasm for a topic that may not be something that you learn at school.


Children entering for a Sports Scholarship would be expected to be playing at a high level in at least two sports played at The Elms. We are looking for candidates who are already playing, or close to playing at County level or above. Candidates should provide a CV for their sporting career so far. Assessments will include fitness testing and observations in two chosen sports.


For children wishing to be considered for an Equestrian Scholarship, we expect you to be performing at a high level in riding and stable management. On your assessment day we will watch you riding in the arena and do some stable management, we are looking at children who are at a high level of riding and equine knowledge for their age group. We would like you to produce a riding CV, which will identify some of your equestrian results and achievements.


We would like you to bring in some of your Artwork (no more than 5 pieces). It would be good if your pieces of Art showed you working in different materials and on different topics. We would like you to research an artist of your choice and prepare a 5 minute presentation. During the assessment candidates will also  undertake an observational study with the materials provided.


For those applying for a Music Scholarship we would expect candidates to be playing at least grade 3 standard. Candidates will be expected to perform a prepared piece during their assessment. You will also be asked to prepare a performance of your favourite song and be ready to discuss what you like about it;  respond to some simple aural tests, in order to see how spontaneous your senses of pitch and rhythm are; bring a portfolio of your exam certificates and concert programmes to talk about.

Drama and Musical Theatre

For candidates wishing to apply for a Drama or Musical Theatre scholarship, the assessment will include a group acting workshop, an individual performance and an informal interview. You should bring a portfolio of programmes, photographs, certificates and information to evidence theatrical experience including productions you have seen and enjoyed, performances that you have been in and any qualifications that you have been awarded. Drama applicants will be sent a selection of dramatic speeches and asked to choose one to learn and rehearse prior to the assessment.

Musical Theatre applicants are asked to prepare two short contrasting songs which they feel demonstrate their range and ability. Please bring the sheet music with you to the assessment. Candidates are encouraged to perform musical theatre songs from memory to allow them to demonstrate to the full their acting skills in addition to their singing skills.

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