Schedule of Fees for September 2023

Reception and Nursery *5 full days/week£2,940 per term
3 full days/week£2,490 per term
Additional mornings£320 per morning/per term
Additional afternoons£255 per afternoon/per term
The Elms School accepts up to 15 hours of Government Vouchers for 3 & 4 year-olds
Year 1Day Fee£3,505 per term
Year 2Day fee£3,900 per term
Year 3Day Fee£4,920 per term
Year 4Day Fee£5,800 per term
Full Boarding (see below for flexi boarding rates)£8,660 per term
Year 5 and 6Day Fee£6,990 per term
Full Boarding (see below for flexi boarding rates)£9,840 per term
Year 7 and 8Day Fee£7,580 per term
Full Boarding (see below for flexi boarding rates)£10,430 per term

Day Fees Include:

• Early drop off option from 7.30am with breakfast included for Year 3 and above
• Lunches for all
• Late pick-up option until 6.30pm with supper included for Year 3 and above
• After school clubs for year 3 and above (except where external specialists are used)
• Saturdays for Year 4 and above
• One free boarding weekend per term for day pupils in Year 4 and above
• Day pupils in Year 4 only are entitled to one free boarding night per week (Monday- Thursday)

Flexi Boarding from September 2023

Day Pupils (from Year 4) can board for as many nights as required for a fee of £50 per night.
Year 3 Pupils may board on request.

Day pupils (year 4-8) are entitled to one free Boarding Weekend per term.

Year 4 day pupils are entitled to one free boarding night per week (Monday- Thursday).

HM Forces Families and CEA

We apply a discount for personnel in HM Forces who are able to claim CEA to ensure that the parental contribution is equivalent to 10% of the school fees for full-time boarders in Years 4 to 8. Boarding for Year 3 is available upon request.

Optional Supplemental Charges from September 2023

Charged in advance

AXA PPP                                                                      £126        per term

School Fees Remission Scheme                                  1.5%        of net fee

Charged in arrears

Riding / Livery                                                                    See Separate sheet

Special Tuition                                                                    £32.50 per lesson

Individual Music Lessons                                                From £25 per lesson

Supplemental Charges will also be made in respect of the following dependent on usage:-

Clubs (for EYPP from September 2023)

Matron / Chemist / Doctor

Music extras and exams


Pocket money



Purchase of uniform and sports equipment

Stationery / books / postage

Sports coaching

Taxis / Escort

Vet / Farrier

Breakfast Club (Nursery to Year 2)

7:30am – Breakfast Club for pupils who have not boarded (pre-booking required by noon of the previous working day, by emailing the office, charged at £3.50 per day).

After breakfast, these pupils will be looked after in the library until 8:10am.

There may be other activities not listed above. Any additional costs to the School will be charged to Parents.