I don’t think I could ask for anymore with regards to the online schooling, its brilliant 10 out of 10!

Parent of a Year 4 pupil

Well done to you all for getting it all up and running.  It feels like the best compromise available at the moment and something that your team should be proud to have achieved.

Parent of a Year 7 pupil

The Elms teachers are amazing, organised, kind, considerate of children and parents and are to be greatly commended.

Parent of a Year 2 pupil

Your staff have shown incredible resolve, hard work & endless patience – you have given the children some normality & structure to their day & my daughter is buzzing once again with the energy & enthusiasm that The Elms instils in her.

Parent of a Year 6 pupil

We have been astonished at the saintly patience of your teaching team; genuinely impressive. Lesson planning seems to have been time well-spent and there is plenty of productive work going on.

Parent of Year 4 and Year 6 pupils

All teachers deserve a gold medal and the children have caught on quickly as well

Parent of a Year 7 pupil

What you have done is most commendable and we’re very grateful!!

Parent of Year 5 and Year 7 pupils

The lessons are going very well, with engaging teaching.

They have been calm, patient and very welcoming.

The assembly, chapel and catch up with yourself is again an excellent opportunity for us all as a new family to feel better connected to The Elms.

Parent of a new pupil

My daughter’s lessons are engaging, entertaining and so well planned. You’re doing the best job, in very challenging circumstances and we so appreciate the effort involved

Parent of a Year 3 pupil

Overall teaching has been excellent, my son has been learning every day and the lessons have been great. Teachers have shown patience and a fantastic attitude towards the children and new style of teaching.

Parent of a Year 3 pupil

It all appears to work very well and they love the time when they are ‘ online’ with the teacher. We also love the long lunch/games time – very practical. Thank you for putting on a super home learning experience.

Parent of a Year 8 pupil

My son’s lessons have been delivered with great kindness, patience and jollity by the Year 4 team. I am full of admiration for how they can bring subjects to life across a screen.

Parent of a Year 4 pupil

“We just wanted to say thank you for everything you and everyone at the Elms is doing. We are hugely impressed at how much work has been done putting all the materials together and the general flexibility and attitude is superb.”

Parent of an Early Years pupil