The Elms is definitely, 100% the best school in the world. It has everything you could want, from sports all the way to swimming and riding.

From a current Year 5 pupil

“Pupils from The Elms School have for many years been amongst our best citizens. They live out the values that make a community work: they strive hard to be fair and helpful, they are passionate about their interests and are collaborative and resourceful when approaching challenges. They also endeavour to achieve academically and perform at the highest level on the co-curricular front. Pupils from The Elms are a very good fit for our school!”

Headmaster of Malvern College.

“I have many girls in my boarding house who have benefitted from being at The Elms, and we benefit from recruiting them. My current Head of House, elected by letter, vote and interview is an Elms girl.

I love the attitude which The Elms pupils demonstrate – they have had a thoroughly enjoyable Prep School experience and have been allowed to be children. They are wonderfully polite, come with an enjoyment of school, and are ready and enthusiastic about joining in with all that is on offer.

One of my recent Elms recruits is captain of the As hockey team, recently sang, acted and danced in our school production, has been on both Radio 3 and Radio 4 singing with our choir and is outstanding academically. Much more importantly, she is a delightful and utterly reliable girl who regularly receives praise from her teachers for her polite demeanour and she is an excellent friend to others in the boarding house. She has forged strong and helpful relationships with the adults around her, welcomes our many visitors with a smile, and helps them to feel at ease very quickly.”

Housemistress from Rugby School

My son had a few small issues to deal with but still came home day 2 telling me he loved it! Whatever it is that you are doing, it is working for us, huge thanks and praise to you all, we can only highly recommend The Elms and your team.

Parent of a new starter

“We could not be more thrilled with the way that our children have developed at The Elms.

They have enjoyed these past few years as full boarders and have thrived in the family environment.  The pastoral care has been second to none and they have formed lifelong friendships with their peers.

They have had five great years of happiness and outdoor fun, and have still emerged with excellent CE results.

Thank you The Elms!”

From the parent of a year 8 leaver

“We have watched our daughter grow in confidence so much since joining The Elms and I feel participating in team sport has a huge role in this. You push them to achieve high standards in such a nurturing way and the girls have huge respect and fondness for you.”

From the parent of a year 8 leaver

“Many congratulations. Your boys were fabulously well behaved, played great cricket, and a credit to your great school.”

From a member of staff at a school during a sports fixture

We leave The Elms with a heavy heart but ready for the next challenge – we have gained so much from our time and I know the children will always look back on their time so happily. The Elms has an amazing way of extracting the best out of them but without seemingly exerting too much pressure.

From a parent of a Year 8 leaver

I wanted to say how happy we are with my son’s form teacher. He was fantastic when he got out of our little quarantine and helped him to settle. It was my son’s birthday over half term, but his form teacher didn’t forget it and made him a fantastic personal birthday card.

From a current Parent

I will be forever thankful to the amazing Elms Games staff who inspired me.

From an ex-pupil who went on to have a hockey trial for England

The Elms is the best school in the world because there are; the animals, the nice people, the big and quiet garden. For me, The Elms is a beautiful school.

From a current Year 5 pupil

“Just a little note to say how delighted we are with our son’s experience of school in the short time we have been back. Since the summer he has transformed from an “Eeyore” to a cheerful “Roo”. Please thank his form teacher and everyone involved – he now comes home and can’t wait to share his ‘hugenormously’ brilliant day with us.

From a current parent

“Just a note to express my gratitude and admiration to the staff at The Elms; the staff who truly ‘prepare’ pupils for their senior schools”

From a grandparent of a Year 8 leaver

“She is a real joy and I feel honoured to have her as my tutee.”

A House Tutor at a senior school, writing about a child who had just left The Elms.