Embracing childhood and a traditional education in a beautiful, rural setting

Due to the recent pandemic, we have been welcoming families into our school community who have decided to transition out of London to the rural countryside of Herefordshire. We offer a unique education that produces children who are eager, passionate learners and forges character that senior schools look for. Children who have enjoyed the education that we are so proud of at The Elms have gone on to succeed at their chosen senior school because of the energy, values and ethos that The Elms instills in them. The draw of the farm and onsite animals is hugely popular with all of the pupils and they enjoy the responsibility that this entails. It is the most idyllic site where children work hard in the classroom, on the sports field and on the stage but relax and develop lifelong friendships, personality and humour in the freedom that the countryside allows. The relationship between staff and pupils is very special and allows the children to be challenged and stretched to reach their full potential without fully realising it.

At The Elms we focus on:

Developing Full Potential. The children develop to their full potential academically and emotionally from whatever their starting point through deep pastoral care, unique relationships with outstanding staff and through the safe environment that underpins all that is offered at The Elms.

Academic & Cultural Success. Last year we continued our unrivalled success rate of achieving 100% of our leavers passing common entrance and reaching their chosen senior school. 53% of the same group were awarded scholarships to 11 leading destination schools.

Preparing for Destination Schools. Read the feedback from some of our destination schools which reflects how well prepared our children are to enjoy the next step in their education from the outset.

Happiness and Fulfilment. Achieving self-confidence in class and on the stage nurtures a child’s character and independence. This is delivered inherently though the traditional values and ethos which are a cornerstone of The Elms’ philosophy.

Friendships & Kindness. Fostering friendships and memories for life, not just for the children and the alumni, but also the parents, grandparents and families is something that we are really proud of.

Equine & Farming. As a registered pony club centre, all children can learn to ride no matter what their ability. Our instructors nurture novices and develop experienced riders for success at competition level. Children will benefit from our rural studies curriculum, from cultivating plants to rearing livestock.

Sporting Success. With outstanding facilities, our expert coaching staff encourage each child to fulfil their potential and achieve impressive results. With a huge passion from all involved, there’s a choice of sport for everyone to enjoy at The Elms.

We leave The Elms with a heavy heart but ready for the next challenge – we have gained so much from our time and I know the children will always look back on their time so happily. The Elms has an amazing way of extracting the best out of them but without seemingly exerting too much pressure.

Quote from the parent of a Year 8 leaver

London Bus Service

We are pleased to be able to offer a weekly bus service to and from London. The bus collects on a Sunday afternoon/evening and returns on a Saturday after school. For more details please contact registrar@elmsschool.co.uk

A fast track train from London to Colwall takes 2 hours and 20 minutes travel time with one change and a direct train takes 2 hours and 59 minutes.

Driving time from Hammersmith (west London) to Colwall takes approximately 2hours and 30 minutes.

Visiting the school

If you have any queries or would just like to get in touch to arrange a tour please contact Registrar@elmsschool.co.uk. You can view the virtual tour of the school before this event if you wish.