We are delighted to announce that Elms’ Alumni Sebastian Cornwell has been appointed Head Boy of Cheltenham College and Georgia-Lili Robertson as the Head of Westal Boarding House for 2020-2021.

Their strength of character, curiosity to learn and commitment to our community and desire for continuous excellence made them excellent candidates for these roles. These are characteristics that began to be nurtured at The Elms before they joined College, where they have since made many superb contributions to all aspects of school life; music, sport, academics and House spirit.

Below are comments from both Sebastian and Georgia-Lily about what they hope to achieve in their year in leadership.

Sebastian (Xt, L6)

Before joining College in Third Form, I had been a full boarder at the Elms School, from the age of eight. Moving from a small school to College was initially a daunting experience, especially as I was living in Germany at the time. However, after just a few days, I really felt like part of the Christowe and College community.

Having previously lived outside of the country, I hope to be able to use my own experiences by assisting to further ease new overseas pupils into College life in the same way as I was. With my family, I looked at numerous schools across the country, I chose to come to College for a variety of different reasons; in part because of the number of opportunities College offered.

I wanted a leadership position at College because I want to build on and continue the work of the previous pupil leadership teams. I hope that this will ensure College remains a place where pupils endeavour to help each other grow as people, not just as academic students.

Two of the things I really want to achieve is to help revitalise the pupil body’s energy towards the Charity events that take place throughout the year and to help create a more universal system of peer mentoring.

Georgia-Lili (W, L6)

I chose to come to College after playing in the hockey festivals held at College since I was in Year 4. It was such an enjoyable experience with a great atmosphere that I decided to have a look around with my family once I was old enough.

My favourite things about College are the people, the sport and the atmosphere. I decided to apply for a leadership role because I really wanted the opportunity to be able to make a difference within College and House. To further ensure that College is the most inclusive and happy community that it can possibly be. I thought that it would be a great platform to be able to voice the opinions of others and provide the essential link between staff and pupils to create a progressive, proactive and enjoyable environment for everyone.

With the privilege of achieving the role of Head of House I endeavour to encourage and inspire other members of our community to participate and contribute to life at College, to take any opportunities being offered and to just have a go no matter the outcome. I also hope to further make the House an exciting and enjoyable home from home.