Blog 2  for STEAM project “Granny’s pond”

Date: 17th September

Present: 14 children

Projects: Tree cutting, bramble clearing, sloe tree cutting back, large tree cutting down and making into smaller pieces to be burnt.

Children comments:

Sawing was quite difficult to get the angle right to cut things down.  It was really fun to chop the bigger trees down.

The pond area changed a lot as Miss Dean cut down lots of big trees shouting “timber” as they fell – this allowed a lot of light into the pond area.

We did very well on the bank next to the pond – we really cleared it well.

There is a lot more light getting into the pond area – it is getting much better.

It was a lovely sunny day to do this work – we got a load of exercise today!

Clearing the area round the gate was really difficult as the saws and secateurs were hard to get to the areas we needed them – we made loads of difference though.  The gate was so much easier to close when we finished.

The area looks so much clearer – it was really tiring to do, but it is totally worth it.  I think we did more work today than last week – we are really getting into it as time goes on.

When we were clearing away the spikey branches, it was really hard to get to the base of the tree, but we managed to get to it with perseverance.

We saw a very interesting caterpillar – it was really well camouflaged, we wonder if it was one of the ones that is a bit toxic, but we took pictures and no one touched it.

It was really good fun today as we got to chop down branches and use saws.  We feel we are trusted and given a lot of responsibility and we needed to be sensible to make sure that we did the work safely.  We learnt to be mindful of our surroundings and to keep track of our equipment.