After recent discussions and deliberations we are delighted to announce that the Governors have appointed Interim Co-Headmasters for The Elms School for September 2022.

Jonathan Bungard, the current Director of Studies will come together with David Pearce, our well-regarded and recently retired Deputy Head (who knows the school very well after working here for 25 years), to lead our magnificent team for the coming academic year. Meanwhile, the Governors will begin a search for a new permanent Head.

Mr Jonathan Bungard

Having been based in the South-East since starting at University, the first time I came across The Elms was shortly before the first lockdown, when news was increasingly ominous. My first wander through the website sold me an almost impossibly beautiful dream of school, yet when I came to interview it was clear that the website was not overstating the case. From the moment I was shown around (by David), to the glorious  interview in the library with four pupils and all that came in between, what shone through was the kindness of the pupils and the exceptional location.

To now have the chance to lead the school with David whilst the Governors find the perfect head for our wonderful school is an enormous privilege. Education has been tough for all concerned over the last two years, but we are firmly resolved to make sure that The Elms ploughs on, and to hand it over in the best possible shape to the new custodian as they ready it for the next 408 years!

Mr David Pearce

The first time I had the good fortune to step onto The Elms beautiful site was as a potential Director of Studies back in 1995 and within minutes I had realised there was something about the place that was utterly unique. It was possibly the sight of half a dozen children, carrying pieces of pig board, ushering a couple of Gloucester Old Spot pigs across a football pitch. The games lesson was still in progress but the players just ignored the porcine invasion as if it were just the norm! That was over 27 years ago and having taken up the role as Deputy Headmaster in the late ’90s, retired in the summer of 2020, returned to the school as a coach of Under 9 games, supply maths teacher and part-time minibus driver I now have the privilege and honour to become an interim Co-Head of the school whilst we search for a Head who will understand what a special education and, as our minibuses proclaim, what a truly inspirational start to life our school gives to the young people lucky enough to benefit from being here receive.