Before breakfast

I got up early to help down at the farm. I fed the pigs and checked that the new piglets were doing well!



I was woken at seven and the rest of the dorm and I got dressed and ready for breakfast. On our way to the dining room we did ‘breathers’ which is walking or running to the theatre and back from the dining room to get some fresh air before an amazing breakfast of cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, pancakes and hot chocolate. Straight after breakfast I quickly tidied my bed and then took my pony out into the fields with some friends.


Registration and Chapel

After registration in my form room, I went to chapel where we had hymn practice with Mr Lyddon. We sang Jerusalem which is one of the school’s most popular hymns and I did a reading which I had help with on the tricky names. Then after saying some prayers we went to our first lesson. I really like that the whole school is together at the start of a busy day.

8:50am - 12.30pm

Morning lessons

My first lesson was English and I was working hard on a project about a famous painting which I had to write a descriptive piece on and create a mood board of. It was great fun researching everything about the artist and his life. Next we had Maths and we constructed the nets of shapes with card. Before break, we had Science in which we dissected a lamb’s heart. In this we learnt all about the circulatory system, which was very interesting. I loved getting my hands in to feel the cardiac muscle and identify the valves!

10.20am - 10.50am


At break I built a dam in the stream with my friends. The next two lessons were French and Geography. In these, we studied Normandy for our upcoming school trip there and case studies for our topic on natural disasters.

12.30pm - 1.30pm


Next it was lunch and we ate sausages and mash with peas. I had apple crumble for pudding. It was very good! The sausage meat came from the pigs on our own farm.

1.30pm - 2.20pm


This is my favourite time of the day! Today we had Hockey and we worked on tackling. The sessions are really fun but we work hard. I am really looking forward to our match on Wednesday afternoon!

2.20pm - 5.00pm

Afternoon lessons

After games, we had a Drama rehearsal where we were working hard on our Shakespeare production of Hamlet. I had a violin lesson during little tea because I had to prepare for the concert. My last three lessons were: Art, where we were studying Monet’s style and creating impressionist pieces; History, in which we were learning about various breakthroughs in medical history, and Religious Studies where we discussed arguments for and against the existence of God, which was challenging but also very interesting.

3.10pm - 3.30pm

Little Tea

We had chocolate cake – my favourite! After eating in the dining hall I went outside and played ball with Mrs Moore’s dog!

5.00pm - 5.50pm


There is lots of choice when choosing what to do in club time. I had swimming today. Our coach is amazing and he is trying to get me a quicker time when racing in Butterfly. I have a gala in a couple of weeks so I am pleased with how I swam today.


Boarders’ Clubs

I opted to go to craft club this evening.  Mrs Sneddon guided me through how to use the sewing machine to make some really cool bunting.



As I am in Year 8 I get to go to bed slightly later than the younger year groups. I really like winding down from the day. I share a dorm with a couple of my closest friends. I have just started reading a bedtime story to some of the younger boarders. They love it and I enjoy having that responsibility. It feels like one big family.